Extend your driver's license in Barcelona

The Medical Centre La Campana located next to the department in charge of traffic is the best way to extend your driver's license, your gun license and other certificates. With the Català medical centre, we give you a fast and effective service.

To extend your driver license

You’ll just need to bring your ID card and/or driving license.

No need to make an appointment. It will be easier for you to pass your inspection.

You don’t need any picture to renew your driver's license: We will take photos of you thanks to a high precision webcam.

We are located right next to the building of Traffic, with all the benefits that entails.

Medical certificates

In addition to official transcripts to renew and get a driver's license, we also do all kind of medical certificates:

  • gun ownership
  • private security / security guards
  • dangerous animals possession
  • PER (pleasure craft boss)
  • residence
  • work
  • exams
  • driving cranes
  • foreign driving licenses approval
  • sports level 1
  • loss of points.

New drivers

Special price for new drivers aged from 14 to 25 years old

  • AM
  • A1
  • A
  • B

40€ including free photos

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From 1984

Our goal is your safety and comfort, that’s why it’s been 25 years since our customers have trusted in us.
  • Don't worry

    Bring only your ID card and your driver's license, we take care of the rest.

  • Advance

    Come to extend your driver license with 30 days before your license expired to facilitate paperwork with the administrative centre. On the same day, we will do all necessary arrangements.